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Meet Steph 

Certified for your health + happiness:
Crystal Singing Bowls 
Tuning Forks
Reiki Level 2

After several highly intense corporate careers, owning two companies, sustaining injuries, Steph has experienced first-hand the significant impact that stress, loss, and overworked muscles have on the body. She understands the effort, tools and space required to help bring the body's nervous system back into balance. Her top two values in life are fun and health. She thrives on teaching others how to do both, inspiring them to live their best, healthiest lives and truly understand the natural ebb and flow from fight/flight to inner peace and inner calm. Her unique teaching approach involves taking clients from POUND drumstick fitness to a meditative, relaxed state. Steph enjoys trail running, making rhythmic noise with her drumsticks, crystal singing bowls, crystal harp and tuning forks and laughing with her husband of 30 years. Steph earned her BA in Mathematics from Indiana University.

Meet Steph
Why Trebled Souls

Why Trebled Souls?

It can help with

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Find the best version of you - Leaf

Find the best version of YOU

Any time you look inward or you learn something new, you become a better version of you. 

Inner Calm

Your nervous system does not know how to get there unless you have the tools.

Reduce pain

What is pain and why do you have it? Let's examine that and see if we can get to the root cause.

Forgiveness Rosemary Sprig


Once you learn to forgive you carry less toxic energy and leave more room for sweet things to think about and positive energy to share.


We need it physically, mentally, emotionally. Let's build it together.


What would your life look like if you could manage it in the best way possible for you?

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